Our Capabilities

Structural Design / Testing

Kaweah Container offers highly creative packaging design engineering services. With the ability to conduct compression testing in-house provides structural design validation prior to production so our customers can feel confident that their products will arrive at their destination as intended. We can also offer prototyping on our Kongsberg equipment, pallet and shipping optimization solutions (TOPS), and board analysis from our in-house lab.


Kaweah Container installed our 98” MarquipWardUnited corrugator in 2013. With this addition, we are able to produce corrugated sheets in-house which allows for quick turnaround times and gives our customers unparalleled speed to market.


From one color to six colors, from RSC’s to sophisticated die cuts, Kaweah Container can produce a broad spectrum of corrugated boxes that are sure to protect your product through production and distribution and end up looking great in a retail environment. Ten folder/gluers and die-cutters allow for unsurpassed converting capabilities to provide our customer with superior packaging solutions.


Kaweah Container and HP have combined efforts to bring the top of HP’s commercial print line, the T400 series, to the corrugated packaging market. This high speed inkjet web press prints corrugated liners on various substrates at litho quality. With speeds up to 600 feet per minute (capable of producing a truckload of boxes in 2-3 hours!), the T400S combines the many benefits of preprint and digital printing into one powerful and incredibly productive solution.

To see this press in action, click here!