As Kaweah Container is focused on providing the latest technologies to our customers, while building value and offering expanded capabilities for packaging solutions, we are excited about this opportunity to partner with HP to bring this new technology to the corrugated market.


Kaweah Container and HP have combined efforts to bring the top of HP’s commercial print line, the T400S series, to the corrugated packaging market. This high speed inkjet web press prints corrugated liners on various substrates at litho quality. With speeds up to 600 feet per minute (capable of producing a truckload of boxes in 2-3 hours!), the T400S combines the many benefits of preprint and digital printing into one powerful and incredibly productive solution.


  • Eliminate costly printing plates
  • Speed to market
  • Reduce customer inventory obsolescence by not having to order more than you actually need
  • Visibly superior image quality
  • Consistent print quality throughout the entire production run and future runs
  • Personalized Variable Data
  • Environmentally friendly water based inks and coatings


Ready to see an HP T400S Digital Press in Action?